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CDA Shares Updates on Development Work in E-12

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has recently made a move to progress work in E-12 Sector Islamabad after a long odyssey wait. The land acquisition began back in 1989 from the local villagers for the purpose to develop a residential sector in the federal capital. Then Govt. bought agricultural and raw land tracts from more than 5000 households. The sector was planned to expand more than 750 acres area. However, the impedance of development has ensued from the illegal and forced occupation of the lands. The court case had been underway since the planning hit the ground. Somehow, the CDA managed to free land from the illegal occupants. Soon after the land getting freed, the authorities started the development works to turn it into a modern housing society. Next-Home Realtors also developed steps to partake in the acquisition of plots for buying and selling affairs in the sector.

Infrastructural Works in Progress

It is a sign of good gesture as the progressive work began in the sector. The CDA has managed steps to best utilize its own development resources for the required infrastructural works in Sector E-12/2. The subsector (E12/2) is now under development and earthwork for the neighboring phases is also on the go to boost the works being done accordingly. The CDA authorities are also dynamically involved in evicting the land from illegal possessors. The developing projects around the raw land and the other subject sectors in Phase 1. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has publicized the official tenders for the infrastructural and construction of the amenities, service roads, greenbelts, and boroughs in Sector E-12. The governing bodies issued the tenders corrigendum that was published in the national newspaper on 12th September 2019. After a corrigendum was made to proceed with the date ahead for further taking up the development procedure.

  • Construction of Boroughs
  • Construction of Service Roads
  • Water and Sewerage
  • Trees Plantation and Greenbelt Laying
  • Gas Pipeline Laying Progress

Subsectors in E-12 are Ready to Be Possessed (Capital Development Authority)

The E-12 sector covers vast land tracts subdivided into several subsectors. CDA has submerged the remaining tracts into the E-12 so that pre-extension could be made to accommodate more allottees and potential bidders. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has initiated the official process for igniting the rapid development matters in the subsectors such as E-12/2, E-12/3, and E-12/4 for auction invitations to development contractors. All the subject sub-sectors development works have been bidden through local dailies. National Institute for Infrastructural development works also scrutinized the assessment for the subsectors E-12/2 and E-12/3. The auction feasibility report has also been submitted to the Capital Development Authority.
Subsectors under the development pipelines in Sector E-12.

  • E-12 Classic
  • E-12/2
  • E-12/3
  • E-12/4

What Amenities and Facilities are in Under-Development in the Subsectors?

All the subsectors of sector E-12 are fully viable to lay down a master plan for the giant progressive works. Some reasonable land divisions are dedicated to horticulture such as parks, greenbelts, and parking lots. The other division of the land is reserved for an educational complex, schools, Kindergarten, Daycare center, colleges, mosques, markets, and shopping areas. The other basic infrastructure of the sector has been lying in one place so that the residents could enjoy a full spectrum of life.
Subsequently, Next-Home Group of Real Estate Advisors prospects that purchasing a housing plot in Sector E-12 can turn your investment into a profitable ROI for the near future. Booking of the plots in the subsectors of E-12 is open and an auction can partake as it is expected that a fair possession by the CDA will soon be handed to the allottees.

Plots are To Be Allotted to the Successful Bidders

CDA Auction Body has defined the criteria to apply for the plots in sector E12 Islamabad. To maintain the auction fair and transparent the CDA’s Land and Estate Wing in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has made groundwork progress in awarding 120 plots of different categories in Sector E-12 and I-12 through an official balloting process. Next-Home Properties has also learned that the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on CDA Affairs Mr. Ali Nawaz Awan attended the balloting ceremony chaired by Deputy Director General of the CDA Mr. Afnan Alam, and CDA’s permanent member planning Mr. Naveed Ilahi. In the ceremonial gathering of the balloting process, the bidders and the developers were also present.

How Chanceful It is to Invest in Sector E-12 Islamabad?

The primary purpose to share this post is not only to spread the good news for the old allottees but also to advise you to invest in the E12 sector because of its great potential for future horizon ROI. Next-Home Real Estate Consultants learned from the sources that after the accomplishment of the progressive developments, the CDA has sketched a balloting plan to award 6,000 plots to the allottees in Sector I-12 and more than 3,000 plots to allottees in Sector E-12.


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