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The Role and Responsibilities of a Landlord

Owning a property is a privilege and a significant responsibility on a landlord’s head. Suppose you have a real estate position in Pakistan or anywhere. In that case, it is your legal and ethical responsibility and duty to ensure the security, safety, and maintenance of the property and its tenant. The role and responsibilities of a landlord vary from position to position depending on the size and status of the holdings. Next-Home Realtors is a real estate company based in Lahore that educates real estate developers and stakeholders on the role of their respective fulfillment in carrying a property with care and accountability.

We also help landlords assess how they can improve their roles as property owners to keep the status and position of the possession in great confidence. A “property-ownership” concept keeps you dealing with a business that should be taken with responsibility so you can provide your tenants the excellent quality of service, safety, and security they can expect from a professional “property landlord” like you.

Ethical Responsibilities of a Landlord

Undoubtedly, one of the core responsibilities of a landlord is to allow the tenant to be confident and secure while renting your property. The case should be dealt with ethical mannerism towards the tenant with decent accommodation in exchange for a fair count of money in monthly rental charges. However, responsibilities are not all; Next-Home Group of Property Advisors believes in value services in real estate for your clients or tenants. While renting out your property, the owner must practice ethical and moral practices to ensure dignity, social respect, and self-esteem, treat them with high courtesy and, above all, make them feel as if they are living in their place. It not only gives you a long-retaining tenant but also will help your social reputation strengthen.

A landlord should consider the following values for a client or tenant:

  • Valuing Social Respect and Self-Esteem of the Client
  • Communication
  • Keeping the Privacy Ensured
  • Honoring Security Deposits
  • Keeping the Promises Filled
  • Make Them Feel Like Their Home
  • Leniency in Late Payment or Charges
  • Giving Grace Period in Eviction Notice
  • Helping Them Know Market and Amenities They Can Use
  • Not To Discuss any Dispute in front of their family

Moreover, a landlord also is undiscriminating when it comes to renting out a property.

  • Race
  • Color
  • National Origin
  • Religion
  • Sex Orientation
  • Familial Status
  • Disability

Legal Responsibilities of a Landlord

After having a client in hand, don’t rush to get involved in a property deal on the down. Instead, some legal responsibilities come while proper property possession turns around. Next-Home Real Estate Consultancy recommends the proper procedure to be followed to enjoy long-term tenancy terms between a tenant and renter. We also help you understand what laws and regulations you should follow restricted by local govt., provincial govt., and federal govt. So that you meet your duty, limit your accountability, and generate worthwhile revenue? We urge you to remember the three P’s. of paradigms: property, people, and procedure.

Ensure Legal and Crime-Free Record of the Tenant

Before considering a tenant, politely ask him to submit his police station statement with a verified cross-check. Nowadays, digital police RMS (Record Management System) lets you know the integrity of the tenant in a while. Keep the legal bond signed with you. Next-Home Consultancy helps you fill the legal bond for occupancy.

Human Habitability

Being a landlord, the first legal cum ethical responsibility that comes on your shoulder is providing a clean, well-maintained, and secure environment. Do not put everything on a tenant; instead, it is your responsibility to offer the best aura to live as per health and peace of mind quadrants. The renter should also ensure the building is architecturally and positionally safe and sound, and all the interior installations are safe for a human being. Next-Home Real Estate Company emphasizes the legal procedural practices to ensure a balanced tenancy atmosphere in Pakistan.

  • Cleanliness
  • Hygienic Installation
  • Secure Appliances Installation
  • Flood and Earthquake Proof
  • Installation of Smoke and carbon Detector sensors
  • Regular Maintenance, Repair, & Overhauling

An under-dwelling house or property often requires regular maintenance and renovation. So, it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide regular overhauling services. The SOP says a biannual inspection should be conducted to inquire if some breakdowns need proper repair.

  • Check Sanitary
  • Electric Installation Inspection
  • Doors and Windows Inspection
  • Special Inspection For Any Cracks of Inebriation


There are many legal and formal responsibilities of a property owner. A landlord should practice them to bear peace of mind. Team Next-Home Realtors assists you with knowing your and a tenant’s rights. Let us help you while renting or acquiring a real estate property in Lahore or Pakistan. We are easily reachable through our official WhatsApp and phone lines.

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