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What Do The Government Megaprojects in Punjab Mean For The Economy?

Pakistan is undergoing the worst verge of economic turmoil. Dollars hikes, lack of international investment, and almost no new renewable energy resources even hit the severity of the situation. So, under all these circumstances, a poor and middle-class family can be badly crushed under scorching inflation. That also pushed the federal and provincial governments to take pragmatic steps to cope with development schemes amid the staggering inflation. Next-Home Realtors see things from a different perspective. We believe an ending story can be prolonged as new optimistic chapters can be added. The real essence of hope is that emerging new megaprojects in punjab can light up the flickering economy beacon more brilliantly.

Following, we will discuss What Do The Government Megaprojects In Punjab Mean For The Economy? Our purpose is to bring optimistically encouraging news about the sustainability of real estate sectors thanks to the counterpart development projects in Punjab.

Recent Infrastructural Projects are Optimism For Shrinking Economy

It is no wonder that countries grow with infrastructural projects and ease of transportation. However, the tax ratio must also be lower in this perspective. Tax collection depends on the country’s speed and count of development schemes. The more people buy and sell property, the more tax recovery will be. It is a fact to measure that economic analysts were overjoyed to announce at a conference in Lahore that Pakistan is now heading in the right direction. Renowned foreign academia and researchers are again involved in Pakistan. Many government officials are getting along to measure a more active initiative using cutting-edge research and strong optimism to design policy.

However, much more must be done to instill a shimmering economy. Policymakers must foster more to incorporate new development initiatives into the uphold process so that the positive productivity in the project can be taken on the ground. But the fact that critical implementers are now listening is worth knowing.

Mass Budget Development Programs Yield Mass ROI

Punjab Govt. In collaboration with the federal govt. Has laid out massive plans to start rigorous building and infrastructural projects to support a whopping pillar in the country’s economic downfall—the Punjab govt. Machinery has allocated an enormous budget of almost PKR 353.43 billion in infrastructural construction projects in Punjab that is likely to infuse economic activities worth PKR 1767.15 billion; this will be a significant relief to support Punjab and overall Pakistan. Former PTI Govt. and its chairman and ex-PM of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan Sahib, has reportedly announced at a weekly conference with the official of the National Coordination Committee for Housing, Construction, and Development. Such a massive budget is expected to be initiated by the end of 2022 or, most likely, as soon as the new govt. Takes over after the general election in 2023, the economic boost is probably to create 315,688 employment positions in the province. So, these projects will give a solid boost to the economic growth of the country.

Funds Allocation Divisions of the Mass-Budget

The former PTI govt. Has approved the funds mentioned above for urban and rural developments in Punjab. Keeping in view the growth of development, Next-Home Group of Properties is wondering how spatial and infrastructural patterns can directly impact an ordinary person’s social and economic stability – as an investor or property buyer, you need to keep in mind a few things in anticipation. Firstly, allocated funds for development in roadwork and transportation speed up the way to benefit from resources, travel, tourism, upkeep the country’s stringent growth and manage their expenses. Fund allocations and, in return, economic development also facilitate the GDP and development speed in transferring solutions across the nation and enthuse the productivity of a country. Secondly, these fund allocation slots invigorate the investments to facilitate trade through the rapid means of goods and products production and transportation. On top of everything, the focus on provincial funds for development also favors a surge in access and opportunities creating new ways of development.

Fund Allocation Slots For Development Purposes

Punjab Govt. has moved up with practicality to divide the funds for the different cities’ projects across the province of Punjab. The premier official announcement on project development over Punjab has unveiled the allocation of the funds for construction projects with a net area of 87.03 million sq. feet in Punjab had been acquired to develop industrial and infrastructural projects worth more than 353billion for Punjab development. Here’s the division for the upcoming projects according to regional areas of Punjab:

  • Lahore (38%),
  • Metropolitan Corporation
  • Rawalpindi (18%),
  • Faisalabad (11%)
  • Multan (10%).

The govt. has witnessed the project scope to be entertained 11,349 out of 17,692 interested parties appraisal submitted regarding the approver construction and industrial projects. You can assess how profitable the projects are and how they upraise the economic growth rate in Punjab.

What Development Projects are Involved in Economic Revival?

Out of the corners, analysts have helped govt. To assess to allocate funds intuitively. The panelists have assumed the real estate sector as the most sustainable for the economy’s growth. The team of real estate and property experts here at the Next-Home Realtors also scrutinizes that the theme of these projects revolves around real estate in some ways.
So, From amazing facts, the best perks of the project feasibility report are that the raw land will have to be acquired from local and exotic landlords or leasers. That will directly improve the money circulation amongst the people to improve their lifestyle and living standards.
The following Projects are subject to outshine the audacity of Lahore and Punjab.
Enhancing the scope of Tourism in Punjab:

  • Business Growth thanks to corporate sector support in Lahore
  • Construction of Solar Energy Parks in multiple spots of Punjab.
  • Fishery and Aquatic Farms industry construction along with River Ravi
  • Master plan for Lahore by 2040
  • Building and Construction Projects in Lahore Grow Economy

Among the projects above, the Building projects in Lahore will surprise you with the highest skyscraper. It continues to cast a spell on all of the stakeholders. Comfortable office space and lower monthly expenditures will render foreign investment to launch their official and development activities in Lahore, bringing a massive cult of investment in the country. The city of gardens also enjoys a high-rise reputation that poses the best in the world crime index, beating global capitals like New York and Canberra, etc. Being top-ranked among the safest cities in the world, with the present safety index at 61.57, Lahore is considered an ultimate destination for foreign explorers who yearn to explore the natural beauty with a historical touch of Pakistan. As a part of several grand urban projects in Punjab, the government has coherently finalized the building of a high-rise corridor from Gulberg to Motorway M2 Lahore inspired by the plan of a Beijing-Eye corridor in Lahore city to boost real estate activities.

What Other Megaprojects in Punjab Help Float Economy

Our narrative lies in our core services to make people perceive the most straightforward and slightest concept meant to help float Pakistan’s dwindling economic growth since our team of experts discusses the financial control thanks to the industrial, excursive, and religious tourism in Punjab. Thus, we cannot miss mentioning the Kartarpur Sikh religion corridor of peace. Meanwhile, the Government of Punjab is dazzlingly engaged in the rehabilitation and restoration of the other historical and religious mausoleums, including the following ones:

  • Kartarpur Guru Nanak Sahib Corridor Narowal
  • Janam-Asthan (birthplace) of Nankan Sahib
  • Reconstruction of Rori Sahib Gujranwala
  • Rehabilitation of Punjab Sahib Hasanabdal
  • Restoration of Dera Sahib Lahore
  • Expansion of Sucha Soda Sheikhupura
  • Samsatta-Bahawalnagar Railway track
  • Allama Iqbal Industrial Zone Faisalabad
  • Industrial Reforms For Gujranwala Industrial Estate

Today’s Megaprojects in Punjab are Knock of the Better Tomorrows

Punjab govt. It seems severely dedicatedly to reviving the dead or hibernated industries and places meant to bring foreign reserves into Pakistan. That’s why the Next-Home Group of Property Advisors recommends these projects should be taken as a new rise of economic dawn in Pakistan. Likewise, it indicates a positive and productive spectrum of the country to stand amongst the fastest-growing nations in the world. Therefore, it is a definite threshold of an optimistic and potentiality-oriented knock for real estate investors and stakeholders.


Next-Home Real Estate Consultants checks the scope of the ongoing and upcoming megaprojects in Pakistan. Our purpose is to share the valuable good news about real estate and property development projects in Punjab to usher in your investment opportunities. So, we assure you the gone will be the bad days, and good days are dawning soon. Thus, plan your capital to invest in the projects for a scalable ROI. Keep visiting us periodically through Next-Home for more informative property blogs, real estate news, and project newsletter. If you have any questions, queries, or suggestions, contact us at +92304-111-0309. We are both virtually and visually available to give you consultancy on investment and its outcomes in the recently announced development projects in Punjab to sustain the economy of Pakistan.

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